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8 Arms 3D Printing!

"8 Arms 3D Printing is a family owned business with a passion for the craft world. Two families to be exact. We pride ourselves on our product design and hope you enjoy them.

We have 22 printers and currently have an average out the door time of under 5 business days. Our items may not always be flawless, but we try to never ship something that doesn't meet our 95% standard. Being an ecological minded company, we do take any less than 95% flaw free prints and offer them in our clearance aisle and ugly duckling posts. We also use a compostable bioplastic in the production of all our products. We will be constantly adding more products as we design or license them. Please feel free to ask us any questions”


Instagram: @8armsprints

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/8armsprints